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Anita's Journal

The Book is Here! It’s Really Happening!

November 4, 2022

Now that it’s here, in my hands, this book feels like the biggest dream I ever had has finally come to life.

Preorder my new book, Home Therapy

Ohhhkay, guys. It’s all feeling really real now. The first print of my book Home Therapy just showed up at my house, and I’m blown away with so many feelings I almost didn’t expect to have?!

When we were finalizing the manuscript, I felt proud! Like I had run a long race, and finally finished a labor of love. It seemed almost simple in some ways, kind of like a big renovation project had wrapped. You may remember from that first post 😂it was never a big dream of mine to “write a book.”

But now that it’s here, in my hands, it feels like the biggest dream I ever had is coming to life. Maybe that’s because this is so much more than a book to me. It’s my life’s work: the combination of everything I’ve ever learned and tried, paired with incredible photos of my favorite projects. This book is my toolbox, with all the trusted techniques I’ve picked up over the years. 

Preorder my new book, Home Therapy

Honestly, if I could do this—even with every crazy thing going on in the background and during a pandemic for crying out loud!—truly anything is possible. We all have amazing dreams of the life we want to lead, and I love being able to bring that reality a few steps closer by reimagining how we live within our homes. We can create environments where we’re able to thrive, and I feel like this book is really proof of that. 

Over the years, you guys have watched me DIY my way into an amazing career that I love, and I simply wouldn’t be here without you. So thank you! For being a part of this amazing journey along with me, because I know you’re trying these ideas in your own homes. It’s exciting to think that the book will empower even more people to finally hang something on their walls! 

Preorder my new book, Home Therapy

It’s wild to think back to where I started. I was once afraid to take a hammer and nail to a white wall, even to hang artwork! Now, Travis and I are paneling pros who have tackled murphy beds, tiling projects, and even a massive kitchen reno. I only ever wanted to share all of it—and now there’s a beautiful book on the way. And that’s the spoiler on dreams. They’re possible. We just have to be brave enough to take the first step.

I definitely haven’t been alone on this journey! There are so many folks behind the scenes who have supported me, believed in me, and rooted for me. And I want to be able to do the same for everyone else—one room at a time.

Preorder my new book, Home Therapy

I’ve now fully accepted that I’m going to cry my eyes out on December 6th when the book is officially on sale. (For now, you can preorder!) So mark your calendars, chill the champagne, and get ready to celebrate with me! Don’t worry, as we lead up to the big drop, I’ll be giving plenty of sneak peeks and behind the scenes reveals. 

But for now I’m just overwhelmed with feeling. And gratitude.   

Happy, HAPPY day! 


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  1. Isa Khan says:

    Really happy for you that your book will be coming soon. Will be eagerly waiting. Many Many congratulations.

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